MA-55 Xtreme! Mastic Remover


The MA-55 Xtreme is designed exclusively for demolition-related tasks. It is strongly advised against using this product in any building that is, or will soon be, occupied. Only professional commercial contractors should utilize this product.

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Xtreme Mastic Remover Quick Facts

  • Fastest-acting mastic remover available
  • Works on the toughest black mastics
  • Not for occupied buildings, but perfect for demolition jobs

Xtreme! Mastic Remover is specifically formulated for demolition jobs where odor is not a factor. This industrial-strength mastic remover is the fastest-acting remover on the market, working to dissolve adhesives within 10-15 minutes! The MA-55 Xtreme! dissolves even the toughest black mastic and adhesives commonly found under asbestos and composite floor tile. Perfect for asbestos abatement contractors looking to decrease labor time and labor costs with a highly effective product.

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Additional information

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