Semi-Paste 1700

Semi-Paste 1700 Paint Stripper

Semi-Paste 1700 Paint Stripper is a thick paint stripper, slightly thinner than our Semi-Paste so that it can be sprayed.

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5 Gallon Pail $69.00 ea.
30 Gallon Drum $351.00 ea.
55 Gallon Drum $573.00 ea.

Product Description

Semi-Paste Paint Stripper

Semi-Paste 1700 Paint Stripper is a semi-paste paint stripper made slightly thinner than typically paste strippers so it can be sprayed. Semi-Paste 1700 can be applied by hand, using either a roller or paint brush to put the paint remover on, or it can be applied using a sprayer that is approved for this type of chemical. It can strip through multiple coats of paint and other tough finishes very quickly, many times within the first few minutes. This paint remover works great on vertical surfaces where a thick product is necessary to keep it from running. Semi-Paste 1700 works on lead based paint, and has been used onsite on jobs like refinishing window and door trim, stripping paint off of brick, removing graffiti from concrete walls, and many other large scale projects. This product can be rinsed off with either water, lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol.

Type: Semi-paste
PH: Alkaline
Flammability: Non
Use: Wood and Metal Furniture

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Container Size

5 Gallon Pail $69.00 ea., 30 Gallon Drum $351.00 ea., 55 Gallon Drum $573.00 ea.

Safety Data Sheet

The safety data sheet can be used as a quick reference in case of an emergency. download and keep a physical copy on-hand, but we keep them here for your reference as well.

Semi-Paste 1700 – View

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Technical Data Sheet

For the technical data sheet for for this product, see the links below. The tech data sheet includes important usage instructions, and product details including average coverage area.

Semi-Paste 1700 Tech Data Sheet – View

Semi-Paste 1700 Tech Data Sheet – Download